Definitely, you can! If you have many images to edit and before you verify the

order you want to check the quality of having ½ image done, simply let us know

We create individual FTP accounts for every single client with single username and password

100% yes. All our personnel has signed a non-disclosure agreement where they entrust themselves to not taking any images out of the place of work or use it for any other motive than for the job you need. Our whole apparatus is also secluded by firewall for inbound and outbound safety and we use the newest anti-virus defense in every computer

Never have we done this. We assure that all your images will be damaged after finishing off work and

we will not use, sell, or share any of them with third parties without permission of yours .

Always feel free to send us any file, whether it is JPG, TIFF, PSD, EPS or RAW. On the other hand, we suggest JPG files to save time if your final condition is ok with this format. Simply feel free to send us what is best for you.

We are open six days a week, 24 hours a day, from 7.00 am on Monday until 7.00 am on Sunday.

Finishing time depends on the difficulty and quantity of your project; we will allow you know the turnaround time when we receive your order or request for a quotation. Simple a guideline, most times you can wait for a delivery within 24 hours if the images & requirement is simple and the quantity is less than 100; yet  if your images are complex or you have a bulk image like 500 or 1000, it might be 48 or 72 hours.

As always we have tried to make it actually simple for you. There are few options you can use to send/receive your images,

  1. We transfer . Dropbox, Goggle Drive etc.
  2. FTP within our server

Clients hardly ever find any problem with their images. If this happens, never worry, simply write us an email.  We will do appraisal it immediately and simply do our best to correct it within shortest possible time. Surely   this will not bring upon yourself in any additional costs for you.

Yes. We have many clients who send us ongoing work throughout the year. If this is your case you can set up a weekly or monthly payment system. Every time you send us an order, we will add it to your one invoice with all the details including date, batch number, quantity, type of service required and price. Before you pay every week/month you will be able to check if everything is ok and then make a payment

Strictly we check all work up to 3 times previous to sending it to you. We do everything we can to construct a long term reliable relationship with you.

We are from low labor cost area Bangladesh. The correctness and time competence of their work let us serve more clients improved and with more comfortable  prices

The invoice will contain payment instruction, along with a PayPal or credit card

payment link. You can give us by PayPal, Credit/Debit card, Wire transfer.